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Twitter updates
saga_hq Mar 01 at 05:58pm CET

Hope you are having a productive start of the year! Let's make it more efficient with a few updates from our latest release —

saga_hq Feb 13 at 04:51pm CET

📹 New demo video out (and on our home page)! Get ready for a new announcement soon!

saga_hq Sep 23 at 01:01pm CEST

We are testing something new.
DM us or join our #Discord for early access –

saga_hq Sep 18 at 09:52pm CEST

As your to-do lists are likely getting longer these days, we're back this month with a lot of new improvements to help you get more done faster with Saga.

saga_hq Aug 26 at 05:49pm CEST

✨ We have a new feature request and product roadmap board online.
You can create feature requests, upvote existing ones, and help us decide what to build next.


saga_hq Aug 04 at 05:51pm CEST

Today we are releasing Saga's integration with Google Drive, many improvements to tasks, and a lot of new QoL updates.

You can now mention files inside Saga, open them directly or side by side in Saga, and search for them from the search menu.

saga_hq Jul 16 at 04:54pm CEST

✨ New updates in Saga this week!

Task management in Saga gives you a centralized, effortless view of all tasks created across pages, so your team is always up-to-date on the next steps.

saga_hq Jul 07 at 04:30pm CEST

✨ New updates in Saga this week:

- Public Sharing
- Desktop Apps
- Tasks Aggregation (beta)
- Google Drive Integration (beta)

saga_hq Jun 15 at 12:16pm CEST

🙌 Big Update! Collaboration in Saga is Live!

You can now invite, collaborate, and stay in sync with your teammates, colleagues, and friends — to share and organize your knowledge. Read the full announcement 👇

saga_hq Jun 09 at 07:18pm CEST

🎉 New sidebar update!

✔️ New way to switch between workspaces.
✔️ Resizable sidebar.
✔️ Saga branding is replaced by the workspace symbol.
✔️ More accessible settings button.